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Quail Tech is now

Texas Tech Quail

Header 2023.png

After being known as Quail Tech for the past 12 years, the quail research team in the Davis College at Texas Tech University has a new name! In order to better identify with Texas Tech University, the research team will now be known as Texas Tech Quail! We have a new name, but still the same great team of researchers and data driven science. Look for a few additional reminders as we roll out our new look. The future is brighter than ever, and we are excited to share it with you! Here's to a wet spring and a big hatch!

Quote from Dr. Brad Dabbert, Lead Scientist of Texas Tech Quail, about the change:

"Over the years there has been confusion about the institutional affiliation and leadership of our research team. With the new name, we have removed this confusion and clearly charted a new course for excellence in quail research in the Rolling Plains of Texas"

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