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Research Projects

Quail-Tech™ has been conducting research and demonstration projects on an array of topics:

Investigating the potential benefits or detriments of supplemental feeding

Factors that influence over-winter survival of adults and summer-to-fall survival of the brood


Refining the use of burning, brush modification, and livestock grazing as tools of habitat management

Quail-Tech™ employs a team of biologists, graduate students, and undergraduate students to accomplish its broad research program. To learn more about working with the project as a student, visit our Team page or get in touch at

Project 1. Evaluating the Effect of Broadcasting a Protein Supplemental Feed on Primary Prey Species and Northern Bobwhite Nest Success and Chick Survival

Project 2. Investigating Factors that Influence Northern Bobwhite Chick Survival

More projects coming soon.

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